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Computer Technology Services, Inc. (CTS) is an award-winning learning and information technology solutions firm with a long record of quality service in both government and commercial sectors. Having successfully graduated in 1997 from the Small Business Administration (SBA) Section 8(a) program, we continue to grow. Client service is at the heart of the CTS mission. Our expert staff is dedicated to helping you achieve your organizational goals and will work with you to craft a solution tailored specifically to your requirements.


  • We strive to develop and deliver expert, innovative technical services and solutions which allow our clients to achieve maximum success.
  • We focus on delivering robust mission-critical products and solutions that enhance our clients’ abilities to attain organizational goals.
  • We endeavor to provide best value services and solutions that place the highest priority on creative excellence, efficiency, and cost effectiveness.


CTS recognizes that the success of your learning and IT products and programs depends upon alignment with your organization’s strategic goals. Our learning and IT teams design integrated technology, training, and support solutions, while our document management team provides enterprise management and engineering guidance.

Together we will build the resources you need to meet today’s challenges and to plan for future innovations. Make CTS a continuing factor in your success.

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